2012 August

Grant Jurius (Cape Town)
Mandy Brockbank (Kwazulu-Natal)
Wallen Mapondera (Zimbabwe)
Harriet Remmetts (Wellington)
Lee Molenaar (Wellington)
George Meyer (Wellington)
Justin Davy (Cape Town) 
Jade Gibson (Cape Town)
Bangikhaya Maqoqa (Cape Town)
Marie Botha (Wellington)
Meghan Judge (Cape Town)
Farooq Mustapha (Pakistan)
Sultana Haukim (Mauritius) 
Jarret Erasmus (Cape Town)
Kadiatou Diallo (Cape Town) 
Gary Frier (Cape Town)
Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi (Cape Town)
Alberta Whittle (Barbados)
Mthabisi Phili (Zimbabwe)
This was Thupelo Cape Town’s second workshop for 2012 and the artists came from as far out as Pakistan and as local as Wellington (where the artists were based for the two week duration). Working from rural Wellington, away from the daily distractions the artists were able to share laughter, the metronome provided by the mountains and warmth of their shared studios. This exhibition is the result of works created by all 19 participating artists for Thupelo Cape Town’s Wellington Workshop.