2008 October

Ruth Carneson (CT)
Kathy Coates (UK)
Lionel Davis (CT)
Luciano de Nobrega (CT)
Aisha Dollie (CT)
Suzanne Duncan (CT)
Henrique Mbutha (CT)
Nothando Mkhiza (CT)
Gareth Nyandoro (Zimbabwe)
Penny Rivett – Carmac
Zavick aka ‘Superdog’ (CT)
Sonja Wilker (CT)

Through funding from the Ford Foundation and the City of Cape Town, October 2008 finds Thupelo Cape Townplay host to twelve artists for a two week uncoordinated workshop from 26 September to 11 October 2008. In a short brief artists were asked to work with ’found objects’ of their choice. Very little materials other than glue and old scraps of paper, crockery and material were offered to the artists.  While some artists were invited from South Africa’s portal cities, Cape Town and Durban, others have come as far as Angola, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom. This special urban workshop has been hosted at Greatmore Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town.
Through interaction and play that is encouraged between the artists who represent various socio-economic backgrounds, the social and human capital of participants is raised.