2004 November

Kim Kabelo Modise (Botswana)
Barbara Voss (CT)
Garth Erasmus (CT) \
Lionel Davis (CT)
Madi Phala  (CT) 
Vuyile Voyiya  (CT)    
Wonder Marthinus (CT)
Bandile Gumbi (Durban)
Gabisile Nkosi (Durban) 
Gizachew Kebede (Ethiopia)
Teferi Gizachew (Ethiopia)            
Uta Göbel-Groß  (Germany)
Tommy Motswai (JHB)                  
Yvonne Mamothosi Harvey (JHB)
Jimnah Kimani (Kenya)
Veroniccah Muwonge  (Kenya)
Lee Szu Hui (Taiwan)  
Ugochukwu- Smooth Nzewi (Nigeria)
Andy Harper (UK)     
Richard Witikani (Zimbabwe)
Freddy Tauro (Zimbabwe)

Thupelo Cape Town held an intensive 15-day workshop for 21 artists from South Africa, Botswana, Ethiopia, Germany, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Taiwan, UK and Zimbabwe. The Exhibition was held at Masibambisani Secondary School, Greatmore Street, Woodstock
on the 13th November 2004
Thanks to the following: Hivos, Cape Town Deco Lodge, Masibambisani Secondary School, Robben Island Museum, De Lempicka’s, AVA, Pro Helvetia, Ford Foundation, Maxwood Framers, Triangle Arts Trust, Taipei International Village and Ackerman Pick ‘n Pay Foundation
“For me, it is like living two times in a single day.  This is the time that big change comes on the composition of my paintings and my way of thinking.  That’s why traveling is knowledge, you still learn a lot when you meet different people.  And Thupelo is, I think, like one family meeting in one place.”
Teferi Gizachew

“My next project on art would be visibly influenced by the works I did at Thupelo.  I hope to explore the concept of confinement and liberation using books and reading as metaphors.  This was influenced by Thupelo.
The workshop also afforded me the opportunity of interacting with other artists, finding a synergy for cooperation artistically and culturally.  This will remain indelible in my consciousness for a very long time.”
Ugochukwu-Smooth Nzewi

“I hope the networks I started here will carry on and open opportunities not only for me, but for other artists as well.”
Gabisile Nkosi – Caversham
Natal Midlands

“Thank you so much for enabling Gabi to be part of this amazing tradition.  She has come back home energized and inspired.  This allows her to empower others.  In this way Thupelo creates ever expanding ripples.”
Malcolm Christian – Caversham

“Thupelo is what an artist wants.  There was a collective of different culture and ideas.  I was inspired all the time.  This is my first workshop.  I can see a big change in my work.  Thupelo is ‘artist’s energy’.  It could make me work much faster and tirelessly.  It was a friendly workshop.  I leave my spirit here in Thupelo.  I will find it back.”
Gizachew Kebede

The studio space was a luxury and it provided the right mix of privacy and potential communication. The open day was very uplifting.”
Barbara Voss
Cape Town

“The workshop unblocked me and got me crazy with an enormous energy of creativity.  I find short workshops like Thupelo very intense, invigorating, cross-culturally enriching, and good in creating a sense of focus.  One also experiences a great ethereal and spiritual presence and upliftment.”
Madi Phala
Cape Town

“The idea of a workshop gave me a chance to see how other people work i.e. differences in culture plays a bigger role.  It was my first time to use acrylic and magic gel, of which I made a breakthrough to another painting style.  I found the workshop to be very educative in a way, during our discussion about every artist’s work.  It is also widened my fame and makes it possible to organize such workshop in our countries.”
Richard Witikani

“Once again, Thupelo has allowed me to look at myself from within…a given time…the outcome is always a growing thing…”
Wonder Marthinus
Cape Town

“This workshop helped me to overcome a creative block.  I am a deaf artist.  I did not have a problem communicating with the other artists, and everybody was very welcoming.  I came here feeling very downhearted and left with a very happy heart.  I met wonderful people, who influenced me personally and creatively.”
Tommy Motswai
North West Province

“One never stops learning and you will never ever learn or grow on your own, it’s through others.”
Kabelo Kim Modise
Botswana / Namibia

“I am happy that I could concentrate on the work without having to worry about daily living necessities.  It was the first time that I am mixing with people from different cultures.  I enjoyed working on a big scale installation.  I hope to come back to Cape Town to work and live.”
Szu Hui Lee

“Thupelo has meant for me the moments of illumination coming when you are revealed to yourself in the knowledge that in this kind of working environment you cannot hide.  The only refuge being in the intensity of work.”
Garth Erasmus
Cape Town