The Thupelo workshops is a two week workshop that provide artists from diverse cultural, national and social backgrounds with a rare opportunity to work with fellow artists in an intense yet supportive environment. The creative processes in the workshops are designed to lead to personal artistic growth through the exchange of ideas, experiences, techniques and disciplines. The exchange leads to experimentation and growth.

The weather in Cape Town is VERY unreliable at this stage. December normally boasts a very hot summer in the Cape, however artists should be advised that we have been experiencing very unusual weather spells of late. Artists can expect sporadic rain and cold spells. Please come fully equipped for any variations in the weather.

Artists are not expected to bring anything to the workshop. A small budget will be allocated to each artist to obtain art materials at a local art shop. Artists are encouraged to bring their specialised tools and equipment and any materials that they have collected over time that they would like to incorporate into their creative process. Easels, boards, stilts, drawing donkeys, stools and tables will be supplied.

The Thupelo workshop will arrange connectivity where participants may check their emails and work on relevant documents while in workshop spaces.