EXTENDED DEADLINE: OPEN CALL for the Ukutokobela Artists Workshop

Workshop dates: 09 – 20 October 2017

Ukutokobela invites programmers, tinkerers and interactive media artists to a two weeks Digital Interactive Arts workshop to take place at Greatmore Arts Studios during the month of October 2017.
Deadline for applications is 29 September
The workshop will take place between the 09 – 20 October 2017


Ukutokobela is slang meaning ‘to fiddle with’, a term derives from the township’s fiddling with the pre-paid electricity meters against higher rates. Meaning that the meter either stopped counting down, or even after it hit zero, the switch did not fall and electricity continued to flow. This, of course, extended to unauthorised extension supply of electricity to households (backyarders and close-by informal settlements) whom such services were yet to see the light. Here, the flow of power is interrupted and tempered with then further distributed to spaces unrecognised. Such attitude to power, whether due to circumstance or the wit of a tinkerer is the type of hactivist spirit required to participate in Ukutokobela Artists Workshop.

Workshop description

Ukutokobela is a interactive digital arts workshop for tinkerers and experimentalists with an interest in the arts. The workshop is a found objects workshop meaning that it is based on a reuse of old electronics and other found materials and objects. Whilst it is not closed off to, for this workshop, the use of open source and free software is encouraged. It is a multidisciplinary workshop between technology and art and or technology as art. Experimentation and the sharing of ideas and skill amongst participants is well within the spirit of the workshop. Thematically, the idea is to encourage the grappling with ideas or against an idea with spontaneous experimentation with objects.

Facilitated by Lonwabo Kilani
This FREE Workshop runs from 09 – 20 October 2017, 9:30am – 16:30pm daily

Application criteria:
Artist Bio (100-150 words)
Brief motivation
5 images of your artworks

Send applications to Zurina: info@greatmoreart.org
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS : Deadline for applications is 29 September 10am