2008 November

A’isha Dollie (CT)

Dean Laminie (CT)

Ena Carstens (CT)

Erick Gbolia Bende (Kinshasa)

Ferdinand Love (CT)

Glen Arendse (CT)

Isabel Reina (Spain)

Jade Gibson (UK)

Janet Ranson (CT)

Lee- Ann January (Bredasdorp)

Ley Mboramwe (Kinshasa)

Lindy Du Toit (Malmesbury)

Lionel Davis (CT)

Mercy Moyo (Zimbabwe)

Shakes Thembani (CT)

Reinette Thiart (Vredendal)

Ronald Muchatuta (Zimbabwe)

Sophie Peters (Johannesburg)

Susan Rossouw (CT)

Tasneem Howa (CT)

The beginnings of the Thupelo Mentoring Workshop were organic. With serendipitous funding from the National Art Council six weeks prior to the start, a call for applications was made to artists in the community. To meet the deadline, people were forced to respond quickly; the first 19 artists who submitted applications were accepted with no formal selection process observed. Artists resident at Greatmore Studios were invited as well as two learners who had participated in past outreach workshops in Woodstock. The opportunity gave all the artists a space to interact and exchange artistic techniques. Less experienced artists worked alongside professional artists with the hope of extending and deepening their art practice. 

“My approach to art has always begun with an idea, but with no plan. The pure joy of my work comes from the spontaneity in which it is created. Often times I will choose coffee or experiment with different media, that I have not worked with before. “
Ley Mboramwe

“I have always been passionate about art and it was a privilege to be selected to attend the Thupelo workshop.”
Lindy du Toit (Flook)