2006 August

Simmi Dullay (KZN)
Liezel Prins (KZN)                   
Retsepile Moholi (KZN)
Terryanne Stevenson  (KZN)       
Karen Bradtke (KZN)
Paul Sibisi (KZN) 
Garth Erasmus (CT)               
Thami Jali  (Rorke’s Drift, KZN)             
Mandla Gasa (KZN)                 
Kirsten Borchert (KZN)            
Zamani Makhanya (KZN)         
Madi Phala (CT)           
Velile Soha (CT)                      
Clive Sithole (KZN)               
Rosalind Lurie  (KZN)             
Anthony Cawood (CT)       
Ceasar Mkhize (KZN)               
Sfiso ka Mkame (KZN)
Joseph Manana (KZN)             
Yvette Dunn (KZN)

This regional workshop brought together South African artists from Kwazulu Natal and Cape Town for an intense 6 day workshop at the Durban Cultural and Documentation Centre. The workshop was unusually shorter than most workshops but as tradition prevailed, an open day exhibition was held on the 26th August at the African Art Centre.

These are some of the comments and impressions from the Artists:

In response to the fusion between conceptual artists and ‘traditional’ artists – “ I found it great to meet such a variety of artists”

In response to working with other mediums – “ A therapeutic experience”
In response to not having the pressure of completed works for the open day exhibition – “Experiencing the process and the experimenting of art making allowed for a fuller degree”

Excerpt from report by Yvette Dunn”
“Older and younger artists THROUGHLY enjoyed meeting each other and sharing opinions! Some of the younger artists meet artists that they have read about and meeting them was very inspiring and stroked their egos.

Personally I feel the objective of Thupelo (learning by example) saw itself through like an electric shock – together with positive energy/ attitude from everybody no matter whatever challenges we encountered and that was very encouraging for me as someone that was part of organizing this workshop.”